Advising and registration for currently registered students

Below please find important information and advice on upcoming events for all students who intend to return to McGill for the 2017-2018 academic year:

Undergraduate eCalendar

Please note that the undergraduate eCalendar is available.

Help Line

If you have problems registering on Minerva, call the Minerva help desk at 514-398-7878, or contact Service Point.

If you have problems registering in specific courses, be sure to write out the error message before contacting the appropriate office for help. In most instances (e.g. program controls, pre-requisites controls, enrolment limits met, etc.) you will deal directly with the department offering the course to determine if registration is possible.

Academic Advising and Registration Deadlines

All currently registered students who expect to return to McGill are strongly encouraged to see their adviser(s) and to register for courses before leaving for the summer. As all courses are limited by enrolment, you may not be able to register for the courses of your choice if you postpone registration until August. Make sure you register in at least one course prior to the date when late registration fees are charged.

Freshman Advising Appointments

If at the end of the current term you have 97 or more credits left to complete your degree requirements, you will be continuing in the Freshman program. You should arrange for an advising appointment with a Faculty adviser by calling (SOUSA) or by coming to the information counter in Dawson Hall.

Departmental Academic Advising Appointments

If at the end of the current term you will have 96 or fewer credits left to complete your degree requirements, you should be registered in a departmental program or preparing to choose one for the upcoming year. Please contact the department(s) for information about your program requirements. For your departmental academic advising appointment you will need the following:

For Freshman students who are not certain of which program(s)they wish to select, you may contact your Faculty adviser during their drop in hours posted on our website.

Science departmental office hours, locations, and phone numbers should be available on their websites, and also in the Arts and Science sections of the eCalendar.

Summer Session Registration

Please refer to the Summer Studies Calendar and Important Dates for details.

Fall/Winter Term Registration

Please refer to Important Dates and the eCalendar for registration details. All students should familiarize themselves with the eCalendar. Check the " "Activity Code" column for legends such as "ADV" (academic advising), "EXAMS", "LEC" (lecture), etc. Of particular importance to successful course registration are the Activity Codes of "REG", "W" and "W--". Students are responsible for determining the course change and withdrawal deadlines. Please note that late registration fees (check date here) apply if you wait to register for your courses.

Courses Offered by Faculties Other Than Arts and Science

Please refer to the course requirement information in the eCalendar (B.Sc. section, and B.A. & Sc section) or on our website regarding the number of courses offered by other faculties that you are allowed to take towards your degree requirements. Please note, not all courses offered by other faculties are approved for credit towards your degree requirements, even if you successfully register for them on Minerva. Once course change period is over, such courses will be flagged on your record so that they will not contribute to your credit count or your CGPA.

Management Courses

Students registered in programs requiring Management courses (Minor in Management, Minor in Finance, Minor in Marketing, Minor in Operations Management, etc.) may register early in specific courses according to the eCalendar and Important Dates. As all Management courses are limited by enrolment, students in the above programs are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these early registration dates. Please note that, although registration in Management courses opens to all students at a later date (check date here), other course controls may continue to block registration (e.g. pre-requisite controls, enrolment caps, faculty restrictions, etc.). You may have to consult with SOUSA and with the Faculty of Management to obtain permission to register.

Continuing Education Courses

Please note that courses with section numbers of 751, 761, etc. (as opposed to 001, 002, etc.) are courses offered by Continuing Education. Early registration in Continuing Education courses is restricted to students in Continuing Education programs. Science students can register for Continuing Education courses at a later date (check date here).

Program Registration on Minerva

Science students who have departmental approval to register for an Honours program should go into the program registration menu on Minerva and select Honours Degree Program first, and then select the appropriate honours discipline(s) from the drop down menu. All other students will select Degree Program before selecting the appropriate major discipline(s) from the drop down menu.

Limited Enrolment Programs

The following programs are not available for selection on Minerva. Students who wish to register for one of these programs should visit Service Point with the adviser's or faculty's written authorization to have the program added to their record (check the eCalendar for a complete listing):

  • Minor in Management for non-Management students
  • Minor in Marketing for non-Management students
  • Minor in Operations Management for non-Management students
  • Minor in Finance for non-Management students
  • Minor in Technological Entrepreneurship for Science students
  • Minor in Electrical Engineering for Physics students
  • Minor in Music Technology for Science students