Credit load

The normal course load is 4-5 courses (12-15 credits) per term; a full year is normally 30 credits. If you are not sure how many credits to register for each term or for the academic year, keep the following regulations in mind:

  • 12 credits per term to maintain full-time status, eligibility for student visas, loans and bursaries;
  • up to 14 credits (4 courses) maximum per term for students in probationary standing;
  • up to 17 credits per term for students in satisfactory standing;
  • 27 graded (non-S/U) credits per academic year (both the fall and winter terms) to be considered for renewal of entrance scholarships or for in-course McGill scholarships or awards, including Dean's Honour List; at least 27 graded credits that fulfill the degree requirements to be considered for faculty scholarships; 30 graded credits per year to maintain Canada scholarships;
  • maximum allowed credits is up to 17 credits per term for students whose standing is Satisfactory or Interim Satisfactory.
  • students whose CGPA is 3.5 or higher and who wish to take a course overload of up to a maximum of 19 credits are required to fill out an online request form at: and are strongly urged to consult their adviser. Allow several working days for the processing of your request.