Supplemental examinations

Students who wish to write supplemental examinations for certain courses must apply on Minerva through the Student Records Menu.

The following conditions apply:

  • students must be in satisfactory or probationary standing;
  • students must have received a final grade of D, F, J or U in the course;
  • special permission is required if a student wishes to write supplementals totaling more than 8 credits;
  • only one supplemental examination is allowed in a course;
  • the supplemental result may count for 100% of the final grade or may include the same proportion of class work as did the original grade; the instructor will announce the arrangements to be used for the course by the end of the course change period;
  • the format and content of the supplemental examination (e.g., multiple choice or essay questions) will not necessarily be the same as the format for the final examination, so students should consult the instructor;
  • the supplemental result will not erase the grade originally obtained; both the original mark and the supplemental result will be calculated in the CGPA;
  • additional credit will not be given for a supplemental exam where the original grade for the course was a D and the student already received credit for the course;
  • supplemental examinations in courses outside the Faculties of Arts or of Science are subject to the deadlines, rules and regulations of the relevant faculty;
  • no supplemental examinations are available for students who fail to achieve satisfactory grades in a course with a deferred examination.

If you are considering applying for a supplemental exam, you should seek the advice of your SOUSA Faculty Adviser beforehand.  Your adviser can help you with decisions concerning whether it is best to apply for a supplemental exam, what your course load should be for the next term, and so forth.  We recommend you to come in during your Faculty Adviser's drop in hours which are posted above.

For information about the procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to supplemental exams, please refer to the Exam Office website.