Course withdrawals

After the Course Change (Add/Drop) Period, there is a period of time during each term when you may still withdraw from courses on Minerva without academic penalty. You may withdraw from your courses in any given term using Minerva up to the course withdrawal deadlines. Withdrawing from your last course in a given term constitutes a University withdrawal.

Non-attendance at classes does not constitute a withdrawal. It will result in a grade of J (failure due to absence).

If you are not sure whether to continue in or to withdraw from a course, ask yourself these questions:

  • do I understand the material well?
  • am I reading ahead of my professor?
  • can I converse intelligently with other students and with the instructor?

If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course, you can always consult an adviser at the (SOUSA) Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising Office in Dawson Hall before making your final decision.

Any course withdrawals will appear as a 'W' on your record. A 'W' is not calculated into your GPA and CGPA. A 'W' indicates that you withdrew from a course for whatever reason, not necessarily because you were failing the course. One or two grades of 'W' will not be the determining factor when your application for further studies after your bachelor's degree is being reviewed. However, when there are numerous grades of 'W' on your record, some explanation is advisable and may be requested. At the time of graduation, many students have at least one 'W' on their record, and more often than not, more than one.

Do not wait until your mid-term exam is written or returned to make your decision. By then, the withdrawal deadline may have passed.

Permission to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline may be granted only under exceptional circumstances. Permission will not be granted because you are doing unsatisfactory work in a course. If you wish to request permission to withdraw late from a course, you will need to appeal in writing to Service Point, and attach appropriate documentation to your request.