University withdrawals

Withdrawing from all your courses in any one term constitutes a University withdrawal.

It is your responsibility to initiate the withdrawal process; non-attendance at classes does not constitute a University withdrawal. Up until the deadlines for course withdrawals you must withdraw from all of your courses on Minerva or submit a written request to withdraw from the university. In your letter include your signature and your student ID number and forward it to the following address:

Service Point
McGill University
3415 McTavish St.
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y1

Permission to withdraw from the University after course withdrawal deadlines may be granted only under exceptional circumstances. If you wish to request permission to withdraw from the University after course withdrawal deadlines, you will need to submit your request for a University withdrawal to Service Point, along with appropriate supporting documentation. Circumstances which can affect your ability to complete your studies, and which may be a basis to grant a University withdrawal past withdrawal deadlines, include illness, unforeseen financial hardship, or serious family affliction.

Once you withdraw from the University, your record will be updated to include an official "withdrew from the University" narrative with the date of withdrawal. If you withdraw in the Fall term, you are considered withdrawn from the entire academic year and your Winter term is deleted.

If you wish to return to McGill in the future: You must Complete an on-line application. Please refer to our website at readmission for further details and deadline dates.