Science special, visiting and exchange students

Orientation, advising and registration information for Special, Visiting and Exchange Students for Winter 2019.

Activity Date(s) Things to Know/Do/Bring
Inform Yourself

Jan. 22

Read the general advising and course information for newly admitted special, visiting, and exchange students
Course Selection and Registration Until the end of add/drop period
Jan. 22
Select your courses for Winter term using the e-Calendar and the class schedule on Minerva. Don't forget to select the the Winter 2019 term on Minerva.
Courses in Anatomy & Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology    Students must contact Mary Gauthier, mary.gauthier [at], for information on how to register for courses that have a departmental restriction.  Departments reserve the right to limit access to courses for which students do not hold equivalent pre-requisite courses.
Research Courses  

Some Faculty of Science research courses are open; contact Office for Undergraduate Research in Science at, prior to registration.

Departmental Program Advising  

For the list of departmental program advisers, please refer to: Departmental Program Advisers .  

Faculty Advising

Jan. 2 to Jan. 22

Mary Gauthier, your Faculty adviser from the Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising Office (SOUSA) will be available to answer any academic questions you have about your time at McGill.  Please refer to her drop in hours at:

Course Change

Jan. 22

Discuss course changes with your departmental adviser(s) who will approve them if appropriate. Use Minerva to make the changes to your record.  You can also go and see Mary Gauthier (Faculty Adviser), Dawson Hall, Room 405.
Continued Advising

Jan. 22

If you have questions about your course selection, consult with your adviser in the department that administers the courses.

For Exchange students: Your Faculty adviser (Mary Gauthier) will be your resource person. She will send you e-mails at intervals during the academic year. Make sure you read them carefully as they will contain important information.

If you have questions, your Faculty adviser (Mary Gauthier) will be having drop-in sessions throughout the academic year. For more serious issues you can arrange an individual appointment with her. Come to the SOUSA Office, 4th Floor, Room 405 of Dawson Hall or call (514) 398-1368 and arrange for an advising appointment. If you have a simple question, you can e-mail your adviser (mary.gauthier [at] When e-mailing your adviser, please include your name and student number in the subject line. Also, please make sure to use your McGill email account as per McGill's email policy: e-mail communication with students [.pdf]