Architecture Student Work Book

Help us show the world the creative work produced by the students of McGill's School of Architecture.   

  • Print and publish the first volume of McGill's School of Architecture Selected Student Work Book, and provide support to allow a new book to be published every two years
  • Help share the knowledge of McGill architecture students amongst alumni, practicing professionals, and other architecture institutions worldwide
  • Help promote the identity and character of McGill's School of Architecture through the recognition of student work.  

At McGill’s School of Architecture, students challenge their understanding of textbook material and concepts through creation and design; however, none of their creations are presently displayed or visible to the public. The publication of a student work book will help recognize our students’ creative designs, share architectural knowledge on campus and encourage connections between students, alumni, practicing professionals and other universities. Many other high-caliber institutions, such as Harvard, Cornell and Yale, produce student work books to highlight exceptional designs, bring to life the unique style of each architecture program and attract future students to the institution. Let’s show the world what the architecture students at McGill have to offer!

The student work book will feature select projects from the undergraduate, graduate, post-professional and Ph.D. programs, seeking simultaneously to inspire newer students and challenge those with more experience. With your help, the work book committee can manage the project selection process, design and logistics needed to print and publish the book.  

Join us in publishing the first volume of McGill's School of Architecture Selected Student Work Book to feature the beautiful and innovative creations of our architecture students! 

Meet the Project Team: 
Gabriela Perez
  • M.Arch Student 
  • Management/Logistics 
Ariela Lenetsky
  • M.Arch Graduate  
  • Editor/Graphics 
Sarah Ives
  • M.Arch Student  
  • Editor/Graphics