Summer Institute for School Psychology

Help the School/Applied Child Psychology Program host its second annual Summer Institute for School Psychology.

Your support will allow us to:

  • Host the largest school psychology conference in Eastern Canada
  • Offer an unprecedented professional development and networking opportunity to McGill students and the Montreal community
  • Raise funds to improve the quality of training and resources for students in school/applied child psychology program at McGill University

Following its inaugural year in 2016, the Summer Institute for School Psychology (SISP) will be held for a second time at McGill University. The 100% student-operated conference will provide exceptional professional development for school psychologists and students from across North America, as well as excellent networking opportunities for educational professionals, researchers, and students.

SISP will be host to four speakers in the field of autism, executive functions, anxiety, and physical education. In addition, the poster session provides students with the opportunity to network with professionals and to discuss their research with school psychologists.

Your contributions will go towards welcoming and accommodating our two international speakers, Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson and Dr. Peg Dawson, both of whom are highly regarded experts in their respective fields of autism and executive functions research. Their presentations will no doubt contribute to the richness of the learning opportunity for both McGill students and attendees.

Additional funding raised beyond $7,000 will be allocated to the Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) in the Faculty of Education at McGill to improve the quality of available resources for students training in psychology or counseling clinics. Specifically, the funds will be used to purchase updated testing kits for our clinic so that we can better serve clients from our community. Moreover, students will be better prepared for work in the field, as they will have a broader understanding of tools available to them and how to use those tools in clinical settings.

Join us in making McGill University a leading institution in the study of School/Applied Child Psychology!​

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Meet the Project Team: 
Emily Stubbert
  • Doctoral Student in School/Applied Child Psychology
  • Co-VP Sponsorship
  • McGill University has 7x more students than the population of her little hometown in New Brunswick
Hadas Dahary
  • Masters student in School/Applied Child Psychology
  • Co-VP Sponsorship
  • My Birthday is same as Alicia Key’s and Celine Dion son’s Birthdays – January 25th.
Joseph D’Intino
  • Doctoral Student in School/Applied Child Psychology
  • Sub-committee member of the Sponsorship Team
  • I’m a self-taught guitarist and have been playing for 11 years. 
Micah Tilley
  • Doctoral student in School/Applied Child Psychology
  • VP Advertising
  • Micah is an avid coin collector. She particularly likes collecting what she calls "lucky quarters" (those with an image other than the caribou on them)
Samantha O’Brien
  • Masters student in School/Applied Child Psychology
  • VP Communications
  • Was formerly a member of a Tin Whistle band.