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Web app woes?

If you are experiencing technical issues with the undergraduate application, please try the following:

  • Try a different web browser. Note that the application is not compatible with Internet Explorer
  • Clear your browser's cache - not just the history
  • We recommend completing the application in one sitting

If you are still struggling with the application, please contact the IT Service Desk

Please note that IT Support will be closed from December 24 to January 1 inclusively.

International applicant deadline

Applicants from schools outside of Canada – your application deadline is fast approaching: January 15.

Do not fret though, you have until March 15 to submit your supporting documents!

Items on your checklist have a separate deadline from the application itself. These items could include unofficial transcripts, proof of English proficiency, SAT or ACT scores, etc.

Details on all deadlines and all potential supporting documents are available on our Applying page.


Applicants completing an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) in Canada should include their OUAC number in their application to McGill.

Note that the OUAC number contains 11 digits and must not be entered with the dash.

If you didn't include yours, you can enter it now under Minerva's Applicant Menu > Submit OUAC Reference Number.

Certain Ontario applicants don't need to submit an OUAC number. Visit our Ontario high schools page to see if this applies to you.

Self-reporting (for Canadian high school applicants only)

Students pursuing a high school diploma in Canada (except Ontario and Quebec) are required to self-report their Grade 11 and 12 results in Minerva.

We have two self-reporting periods - an early round (optional) and a regular round (mandatory).


  • The early round is optional - but all applicants MUST self-report during the regular period (unless you received an offer in the early)
  • Report all grade 11 or 12 academic courses - a minimum of 10 is required
    • Repeated a course? - report both!
    • Report an online course? - yes!
    • Report your provincial exam grade? - no! this grade should already be part of your final course grade
    • Report a challenge exam - yes!
    • What if I don't have final grades yet? - report them as interim
    • Completing an IB diploma or IB certificate(s) as well? - report the IB grades in percentage value (please consult with your teachers/counselors at your school)
    • Made a mistake? - let us know by completing our online form

Failure to report before the regular self-reporting period’s deadline will render your file incomplete and subject to cancellation.

Certain Canadian high school applicants are not eligible to self-report - read our list of exemptions and other useful self-reporting info.

Be sure to review all important deadlines relevant to Canadian high school applicants.