Service Pointers

Regular self-reporting period closing


The regular self-reporting period closes on May 1st at 11:57pm. This step in the admissions process is mandatory and the deadline is firm. Don't wait until the last minute to provide us with your grades!

If you are completing high school in Ontario or Quebec, this does not apply to you.

If we've asked you to provide any other document besides your self-reporting, May 4th is the deadline to submit those.

Make sure to read Pointers' complete self-reporting article to clear up any confusion!

Got an offer of admission?

Congratulations! Remember to accept your offer and pay the deposit by the deadline noted in your offer letter.

If you've applied to more than one program at McGill and you've received multiple offers, accepting one offer will automatically decline the other offers. However, if you have an application awaiting a decision, that will not be cancelled! Each application is reviewed separately and on its own merits. So no need to worry. Accept one while you wait for the other and check out our expected decision dates page!

As always, check your Minerva and your email regularly for updates.

Admissions decision terminology

McGill’s undergraduate admissions cycle is in full swing! Remember to review your Minerva checklist and emails regularly for any updates.

Wondering about some unfamiliar terminology on your application? Check out our admissions terminology page! We created an exhaustive list (with descriptions!) of our various application statuses and admissions decisions so you can better understand your application.