Service Pointers

Early self-reporting period closing

Quick reminder for Canadian high school applicants outside Quebec and Ontario:

The early self-reporting period will be closing on February 1st at midnight. If you have not self-reported by then, no fear! The early period is only optional. You can self-report again during our regular period, which runs from March 1st until May 1st. The regular self-reporting period is mandatory, so mark your calendars!

To get all the intel on self-reporting, head over to our Applying page to read more.

Admissions decision terminology

McGill’s undergraduate admissions cycle is in full swing! Remember to review your Minerva checklist and emails regularly for any updates.

Wondering about some unfamiliar terminology on your application? Check out our admissions terminology page! We created an exhaustive list (with descriptions!) of our various application statuses and admissions decisions so you can better understand your application.

IELTS results

If you’ve determined that you are required to submit a proof of English proficiency (PREP) to be eligible for admission to McGill, you must ensure that we receive your results no later than your supporting document deadline.

There are many acceptable means to demonstrate your English proficiency. If you’ve chosen to write the IELTS exam, please note that we do not accept TRF numbers for the transmission of your results.

You can find more details on how to send your results to us on our PREP page!