Self-reporting (for Canadian high school applicants only)

Students pursuing a high school diploma in Canada (except Ontario and Quebec) are required to report their Grade 11 and 12 results in Minerva’s self-reporting module.

We have two self-reporting periods:

  • Early and optional period – January 6 to February 1
  • Regular and mandatory – March 1 to May 1

Note: If you are completing your Canadian high school diploma along with an IB diploma or IB certificate(s), you are required to report IB grades in percentage value.

If you choose to not report your grades in the early self-reporting period, you will not be penalized. However, failure to report before the regular self-reporting period’s deadline will result in your file being incomplete and thus becoming cancelled.

There are certain situations wherein Canadian high school applicants will be required to upload their transcripts to their checklist in Minerva instead of self-reporting. You’ll find our complete list of exemptions and other useful info on our self-reporting guidelines page.

Be sure to review all important deadlines relevant to Canadian high school applicants.