Application modifications

Need to modify your application to McGill?

If you made a mistake on your application or forgot to include certain info, don’t submit another one! There are certain updates or changes that are not necessary. For instance, correcting typos in the name of your school does not require a modification. Or if you need to change your email address or home address, you can change those yourself under Minerva’s Personal menu.

Important: You won’t be able to change the program(s) to which you’ve applied. If you would like to apply to a different program, you’ll need to submit a new application altogether.

For the changes you can make, we have a webform for you to modify the information you’ve already submitted.

Some of the changes for undergraduate applicants include modifying your personal or academic information, adding or removing extenuating circumstances, modifying your external identification code (e.g. OUAC, Perm code, IB personal code), etc.

Be sure to check out the webform to view the full list of permitted changes.

If you have questions or concerns about modifying your app, feel free to reach out to us by phone or by email.

Last thing! Once you’ve submitted the webform, check your email and follow the quick instructions we’ve sent to you.