Special student status

Special student status (non-degree)

The purpose of this status is to allow for individuals who have already completed an undergraduate degree, or are in their final year of university to pursue for-credit courses at McGill without being enrolled in a formal degree program.

Special students may complete a maximum of 30 credits over two consecutive terms (so 15 credits per term) when admitted in the Fall semester.

When filling out the application, you are asked to indicate specifically which courses you intend on taking if admitted as a Special student. However, registration in all courses is always contingent upon space available and courses offered in a given term.

Important: Freshman level Math and Science courses (100 level) are not open to Special students.

Basic conditions for eligibility:

  • You have obtained an undergraduate degree or;
  • You are in your final year of an undergraduate degree, at McGill or another recognized institution
  • Have a plan of study that is acceptable to the faculty you wish to enter. Some faculties stipulate prerequisite coursework.

NOTE: You must meet the above-stated conditions to enrol as a “Special” student at McGill.

The full list of conditions is on the Applying website. Be sure to read it in full before submitting an application. The info is found under the “Special or Visiting” accordion menu.