List of Publications 2015



McIntyre, S., Dalkir, K., Perry, P. & Kitimbo, I. (Eds.). (2015). Utilizing Evidence-Based Lessons Learned for Enhanced Organizational Innovation and Change. Hershey, PA:  IGI Global.

Book chapters

Botteldooren, D., Andringa, T., Aspuru, I., Brown, L., Dubois, D., Guastavino, C., Jian, K., Lavandier, C., Nilsson, M., Preis, A., Schulte-Forkamp, B. (2015). From sonic environment to soundscape. In J. Kang, K. and B. Schulte-Forkamp (Eds). Soundscape and the built environment (pp. 17-42).  CRC Press Taylor & Francis.


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Fung, BCM, Jin, Y, Li, J, & Liu, J. (2015).  Anonymizing social network data for maximal frequent-sharing pattern mining. Chapter in, Recommendation and Search in Social Networks, Lecture Notes in Social Networks (LNSN), pages 77-100. Springer.

Julien, Charles-Antoine (2015). Navigating Large Topic Structures: The Metaphor of Exploring Physical Space. In. R.P. Smiraglia & H. Lee (Eds.), Ontology for Knowledge Organization (pp. 107-132): Ergon-Verlag

Journal articles

Absar, R., & Guastavino, C. (2015). The design and formative evaluation of nonspeech auditory feedback for an information system. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 66(8), 1696-1708.

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Conference proceedings

Archambeault, J., Bidian, C., & Evans, M. M. (2015). Mapping knowledge domains to better forecast the future: Challenges at the National Research Council Canada. 43rd Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Information Science & 2nd Librarians’ Research Institute Symposium (CAIS/ACSI & LRI 2015). University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada June 3–5.


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innovation:  the case of 24 hours of innovation. In, Proceedings, ICED, International Conference on Engineering Design.  Milan, Italy.  July 2015.  Available at:            http://iced2015.org/.


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International Conference on Lesson Learned, ILLC 2015, June 4, 2015.  Tartu, Estonia. http://www.baltdefcol.org/illc2015/?page_id=226


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Conference posters and panels (refereed)

Ménard. E., & Dorey, J. (2015). SINCERITY: A new bilingual search engine for image retrieval in a bilingual context. Time is of the essence: Organizing people, data, information and knowledge as memory and participation, CAIS/ACSI 2013, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, June 3-5, 2015.


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Fung, BCM (2015, March) Keynote speaker:  Applying Data Mining to Real-life Crime Investigation. McGill Business and Technology Conference.


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