Communication Skills

As graduate students, it is important to communicate complex ideas to diverse audiences and concisely summarize your research. SKILLSETS offers workshops on effective communication - written, oral and digital media. Many of the workshops below are offered with our partners at Graphos, a program for graduate students by the McGill Writing Centre



Do you stumble when trying to explain your work to non-experts? You’re not alone. During this interactive session, you will learn practical techniques and tips to speak simply about the complex nuances of your research, whether it be to alumni and donors, a reporter, a CEO, or a first-year class.



First impressions count! 
Do you know how to explain your work in 30 seconds or less? Learn how to craft a compelling ‘elevator pitch’ to build crucial connections.


Would you like to know how well you are doing in leading discussions? Would you like to improve your presentation skills and/or know how you can positively impact the environment when you participate in committees or meetings where the structure is hierarchical?  This workshop will help you develop important and relevant skills! 

Sign up now for a practical and highly participatory Leading Effective Discussions: Facilitation Skills for Graduate Students workshop given by the First-Year Office’s Leadership Training Program.


Graphos offers different ways for graduate students to become efficient, precise, and effective scholarly communicators. 

Offerings are designed to address three focal points of the graduate and postdoctoral experience: research, funding, and publication.

  • Courses: 1-credit offerings that complement your degree program.
  • Workshops: focused events on key writing strategies, conventions, topics, and genres.
  • Peer Writing Groups:  groups of 6-10 advanced graduate students who meet regularly to share and improve works-in-progress.
  • Tutorial Services: one-on-one sessions with a writing specialist to proof-read and improve your work.  (Offered by the McGill Writing Centre.)
  • Writing Commons: a space to focus on your writing in the company of other graduate students and a platform to exchange tips and strategies for writing.


Did you know that as a McGill student, your participation in many activities, such as training workshops and volunteering are tracked on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)? Having your co-curricular activities listed in one document can help you revise your CV or cover letter, prepare for interviews, or explore career options. Learn how to access and leverage this important document through myInvolvement, and make your training count!


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