Current PhD Students

Name: D. Emre Amasyali
Email Addressemre.amasyali [at] (D. Emre Amasyali)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Political Science and History, Queen’s University (2011); MSc Sociology, University of Oxford (2012)
Research Interests: comparative historical sociology; political sociology; sociological theory; nationalism; nation-building; legacies of colonialism; middle eastern societies profile

Name: Hayder Alkilabi
Email: hayder.alkilabi [at] (Hayder Alkilabi) 
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA (Honors) Criminology, Wilfrid Laurier University (2011); MA Critical Sociology, Brock University (2014)
Research Interests: Criminology; deviance and social control; political sociology; terrorism and counterterrorism; Middle East. 
LinkedIn Profile:

Name: Golshan Golriz
Email: golshan.golrizfard [at] (Golshan Golriz)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Women and Gender Studies, York University (2009); M.A. Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto (2011)
Research Interests: gender, race, & sexuality; LGBTQ issues; Islam & Middle East and North Africa; political sociology; social movements
Link to CV: Golshan Golriz CV [.pdf]

Name: Yvonne Chang
Email: yvonne.chang [at] (Yvonne Chang)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Biochemistry, Barnard College, Columbia University (2008); MPH, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (2013)
Research Interests: migration, immigrant integration, & cultural citizenship; racial/ethnic relations; mass incarceration & prisoner reentry; social determinants of health; community & minority health; social support; qualitative & mixed methods

Name: Jean-Denis David
Email Address: jean-denis.david [at] (Jean-Denis David)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA (Hons.) of Social Sciences in Criminology, University of Ottawa; MA in Criminology, University of Ottawa
Research Interests: Police-citizen relations; Rural criminology; Collective efficacy
Link to ResearchGate Profile: Jean-Denis David

Name: Alessandro Drago
Email Address: alessandro.drago [at] (Alessandro Drago)
Program: PhD Sociology
Previous Degrees: MA Sociology (2017)
Research Interests: Social Movements; Political Sociology; Race and Ethnicity; Right-Wing Movements
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Name: Kaitlin Elizabeth Conway
Email Address: kaitlin.conway [at] (Kaitlin Elizabeth Conway)
Program: PhD - Population Dynamics Option
Previous Degrees: BA (Honours) International Development Studies, McGill University (2012); MSc Global Health, King's College London (2016)
Research Interests: Social inequalities in health; Population health; Health policy; Quantitative methods
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​​Name: Rebecca Daviddi
Email Address: rebecca.daviddi [at] (Rebecca Daviddi)
Program: PhD - Gender and Women's Studies Option
Previous Degrees: BA Geography, University of Leicester (2012); MA International Relations, University of Bologna (2014)
Research Interests: gender and sexuality; Eastern Europe; qualitative methods

Name: Patricia Elung'ata
Email Address: patricia.elungata [at] (Patricia Elung'ata)

Name: Ina Filkobski
Email Addressina.filkobski [at] (Ina Filkobski)

Name: Mehri Ghazanjani
Email Addressmehri.ghazanjani [at] (Mehri Ghazanjani)

Name: Xiaoyu (Annie) Gong 
Email: xiaoyu.gong [at] (Xiaoyu (Annie) Gong )
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BBA Sociology and Management, University of Toronto (2012), MA Sociology, University of Western Ontario (2013)
Research Interests: Population aging; life course analysis; quantitative methods; social inequalities in health; medical sociology; social support; social networks; and demography.
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Name: Ann-Marie Helou
Email Address: ann-marie.helou [at] (Ann-Marie Helou)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Psychology and Sociology (2017); MA Sociology: Criminology and Law, Queen's University (2019)
Research Interests: Sociology of law; Crime; Policing; Prisons; Corruption; Life course perspective and crime; Lebanon

Name: Madeleine Henderson
Email Address: madeleine.henderson [at] (Madeleine Henderson)
Program: PhD - Population Dynamics Option
Previous Degrees: BA Psychology, The University of British Columbia (2012)
Research Interests: Development; gender; sexual and reproductive health;
social epidemiology; religion profile: 

Link to CV:  Madeleine Henderson CV [.pdf] 

Name: Maike Isaac
Email Address: maike.isaac [at] (Maike Isaac)
Program: PhD Socioogy
Previous Degrees: BA Ethnology, Leipzig University; MA Peace & Conflict Studies, European Peace University; LL.M. International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, European University Viadrina
Research Interests: Reproductive labor & migrants, gender, citizenship, welfare states, social policy, qualitative and quantitative methods

Name: Sakeef Karim
Email Address: sakeef.karim [at] (Sakeef Karim)
Program: PhD – Population Dynamics Option
Previous Degrees: HBSc Psychology, University of Toronto (2013); MA Sociology, McMaster University (2015)
Research Interests: immigration and multiculturalism; sociology of race and ethnicity; social psychology; criminology

Name: William Zachary Marshall
Email Addresswilliam.marshall2 [at] (William Zachary  Marshall)
Program: PhD - Population Dynamics Option
Previous Degrees: BA Sociology, King's University College (@013), MA Sociology, University of Western Ontario (2015)
Research Interests: Demography; Migration and Mobility; Rural Sociology; Quantitative Methods

Name: Kayla McCarney
Email Address: kayla.mccarney [at] (Kayla McCarney)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Sociology/Anthropology, Mount Saint Vincent University (2015); MA Sociology, Acadia University (2018)
Research Interests: Medical sociology; Sociology of reproduction; Sociology of race and ethnicity; Feminist theory; Health Inequities in Canada; Indigenous/Settler relations in Canada; Qualitative Methodology; Rural sociology

Name: Ka U (Karl) Ng
Email Address: [at] (Ka U (Karl) Ng)
Program: PhD in Sociology - Option in Population Dynamics
Previous Degrees: BA in Political Science and Sociology, National Taiwan University (2013); MA in Sociology, National Tsing Hua University (2017)
Research Interests: Demography; International Migration; Family Dynamics; Political Sociology
Link to Google Scholar: Ka U (Karl) Ng

Name: Colby Pereira
Email Address: colby.pereira [at] (Colby Pereira)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Sociology, Queen’s University (2013); MA Sociology, Queen’s University (2015)
Research Interests: militarization; policing; surveillance; criminology
LinkedIn profile:
Link to CV: Colby Pereira CV [.docx] 

Name: Alicia Poole
Email Address: alicia.poole [at] (Alicia Poole)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA (Hons.) Sociology, Communication Studies, Memorial University (2017); MA Sociology, McGill (2019)
Research Interests: International migration; Conflict migration; Migration decision-making; Migrant categorization; Qualitative methods

Name: Daniel Sailofsky
Email Address: daniel.sailofsky [at] (Daniel Sailofsky)
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: LL.B Civil Law, Université de Montréal; MA Sport Management, Brock University (2018)
Research Interests: Criminology, Violence Against Women, Masculinity, Gender and Sport, Sport Sociology

Name: Xavier St-Denis
Email Address: xavier.stdenis [at] ">Xavier St-Denis
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BA Sociology, UQAM
Research Interests: Labour Markets; Economic Sociology; Job Instability; Comparative political economy; Work & Occupations; Skills and Education; Non-standard work; Social Policies and Welfare States; Globalization; Trade and international labour standards; Quantitative Methods; Stratification; Organizations
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Name: Ian Van Haren
Program: PhD in Sociology - Population Dynamics Option
Previous Degrees: BA (Hons.) Sociology, Crandall University; MA Sociology, University of Toronto
Research Interests: Migration, demography, research methods, social policy

Name: Winnie Yang
Email Address: chih-lan.yang [at] (Winnie Yang)
Program: PhD in Sociology - Graduate Option in Gender and Women's Studies
Previous Degrees: BA in Interdisciplinary Program of Humanities and Social Sciences (2014), National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan; MSc in Sociology (2015), University of Oxford
Research Interests: Gender and sexuality; Marriage and family; East Asia, Mix-methods

Name: Irem Yildirim
Email Address: Irem Yildirim
Program: PhD
Previous Degrees: BS Sociology, Middle East Technical University (2013); MA Sociology, Bogazici University (2016)
Research Interests: Political sociology; Comparative Historical Sociology; Labor unions; Political parties; Law and society; Crime and deviance Profile :

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