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The World of States by John L Campbell and John A. Hall. 2015.
This topical book offers a historical account of state forms in the 21st century. It focuses on what makes states effective, thus offering a different approach to existing literature which has tended to focus on the predatory characteristics of states. The book covers all the major state forms of this century, from the US and EU to India and China, as well as a number of key 'failed' states, such as Iraq and Zimbabwe. Key definitions and terms are clearly explained throughout.  Written by leading figures in the field, and addressing one of the key questions in politics today, this is a much-needed addition to the literature.
Building the Nation: N.F.S. Grundtvig and Danish National Identity edited by John A. Hall. 2015.
Denmark became a nation amidst the turbulence of the nineteenth century, an era plagued by war, bankruptcy, and territorial loss. Building the Nation is an insightful study of this formation, emphasizing the crucial role of N.F.S. Grundtvig, the father of modern Denmark. Persevering through years of humiliation, internal conflict, and occupation, Denmark now boasts one of the world's most stable and democratic political systems, as well as one of its richest economies. From disaster to success, Building the Nation emphasizes the role of national icons and social movements in the formation of Denmark.

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