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Hadi Karsoho

B.A. Mass Communications. University of California, Berkeley.
Currently PhD student in Sociology, McGill University, Quebec.
Areas of Interest: Medical sociology and anthropology; bioethics (philosophical and empirical bioethics); qualitative research methods, especially discourse analysis and ethnography; end-of-life care; palliative medicine; euthanasia; physician-assisted suicide
Thesis topic: "The moral discourse on medical practices/decisions at the end of life."

Cynthia Tang

BSc (Toxicology, University of Toronto), MSc (Immunology, University of Waterloo), MA (History of Medicine, McGill University)
Currently PhD candidate in History, McGill University

Areas of Interest:  history of medicine; history of surgery; technological innovation; evaluation and spread of new medical technologies and treatments

Andrew S. Hoffman

Certificate, Humanities & Social Sciences -- Universiteit van Amsterdam (2004)
B.A., Political Science/Special Honors (Magna Cum Laude) -- Hunter College of the City University of New York (2005)
Currently PhD Candidate, Sociology/Social Studies of Medicine -- McGill University
Areas of interest: science & technology studies; sociology of medicine; health, & illness; sociology of effectiveness/expectations; comparative effectiveness research; genomics & personalized medicine
Thesis title: 'Personalizing Standards?: Research and Regulation in the Post-Genomic Era'

Sarah Berry

BA Health Studies & Psychology, McMaster University (2004); MA Women's Studies, Simon Fraser University (2007)
Currently PhD candidate, McGill Universtiy
Areas of Interests:social study of health, illness & medicine; gender & health; science & technology studies; media and communication studies; mixed-methods research

Gillian Chilibeck

BA (Anthropology, University of Alberta), MA (Anthropology, McGill University)
Currently PhD student in Anthropology, McGill University
Areas of interest: kinship, grief, memory, narrative, ethics/politics of care, parenthood/childhood, inheritance, pediatric palliative care, Inuit


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