Study Abroad and Exchange

Study Abroad students

Students participating in a Study Abroad Program are NOT eligible to receive subsidized/unsubsidized/PLUS or alternative loans through McGill. You will be paying your tuition fees to the other school (abroad). You must therefore make arrangements with that school (not McGill) for financial aid. Please note: McGill does NOT participate in consortium agreements.

Exchange students

US students studying on an official McGill exchange are considered to be McGill students for subsidized/unsubsidized/PLUS and alternative loans. This means that:

  • you pay tuition and fees to McGill
  • you apply for US loans following McGill procedures

IMPORTANT! US Department of Education regulations stipulate that you can receive US Direct Loans while on exchange only if:

  • you attend a school that participates in the US Direct Loan Program, and
  • the school attended is located outside of the US

The US Federal School Code List (updated quarterly) will determine whether your intended international exchange school participates in Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs.

If you are not eligible to receive subsidized/unsubsidized/PLUS loans while on exchange, you may wish to explore US private or alternative loans.

For concerns related to this government-imposed restriction, please use this letter template to write your Member of Congress.

Research students

According to US government regulation, McGill students are not eligible for US Direct Loans if research, work, internship, externship or special study is performed in the US. The only exception to this regulation includes PhD students conducting independent research that is:

  • only able to be performed in the US, and
  • not longer than one academic year, and
  • during the dissertation phase, and
  • under the guidance of the faculty.

McGill students intending to pursue any portion of their program in the US or a foreign country should communicate with us.studentaid [at] (Scholarships and Student Aid).