Project requirements


To be approved, a Work Study project must:

  • Be on the University campus, or in facilities owned, leased or rented by the University.
  • Be flexible in order to accommodate students' academic schedules.
  • Pay an hourly rate equivalent to or greater than the minimum wage under the current Collective Agreement.
  • Not contravene any labour agreements.
  • Have a Project Supervisor and a Payroll Person who will share responsibility for:
    • Interviewing and hiring Work Study students.
    • Liaising with the Scholarships and Student Aid Office.
    • Completing Work Study documentation.
    • Providing supervised employment in accordance with a pre-determined job description, which has been approved for Work Study.
    • Ensuring that the student is placed on payroll and that bi-weekly payroll reports are submitted, covering the actual hours worked in a given pay period.

Pay and working conditions

IMPORTANT: Work Study employees fall under the “McGill Casual Employee” job category. It is the responsibility of the employer to adhere to the appropriate Collective Agreement governing a McGill Casual Employee, especially regarding the minimum rates of pay.

Please contact your Human Resources Advisor for more information.

Work term dates

Work term dates for the 2018–2019 academic year:

Fall September 2, 2018 to December 29, 2018
Winter December 30, 2018 to April 27, 2019
Summer April 28, 2019 to August 31, 2019

All work study jobs (projects) must fall within these dates.

Applying to Work Study

If your project meets these requirements, you can submit a project application.


For all questions regarding the Work Study Program, please [at] (email the Work Study team).