Sustainability Improvements & Energy Management

Sustainable improvements

When renovating a residence space, the Facilities department prioritizes sustainability by reducing construction waste, seeking out recycling options for various materials, and extending the life-cycle of existing physical assets. For example, when renovating a room, we will sand and refinish an existing wood parquet floor rather than replace it with new flooring material. We also devote time to researching the relative environmental impacts of various products outlined in Life Cycle Analysis studies.

In partnership with the Environmental Residence Council, a student group coordinated by Rez Life, the Facilities department has explored implementing several student-led sustainability initiatives: improved faucet aerators to save water, motion sensor lighting to save energy, thermostatic radiator valves to reduce the overheating of shared spaces, and more!                                                                                                                                         

Energy Management

SHHS is very conscious of its energy consumption and actively seeks out opportunities to reduce the energy footprint of our buildings. We employ a variety of energy-reducing schemes ranging from preventative maintenance of our HVAC systems to incorporating innovative technologies into renovation projects.

The PULSE Energy Dashboard helps monitor and analyze our energy consumption by collecting real-time consumption data for electricity, steam, natural gas, and hot water in nearly all of our residence buildings. This helps us keep track of our energy consumption at the building scale and quantify the energy savings that result from implementing any changes in our equipment or operations.