Fee Letters

The e-bill, Minerva Account Summary by Term, and tax slips (eg. T4A, T2202, Relevé1 or Relevé8) are the main documents provided to students to substantiate their fee status at McGill. These are all available to students within Minerva, and are accessible 24/7.

Proof of Payment

The following two proof of payment letters are available in your Minerva account under the Student Accounts Menu:

  1. E-bills: issued during the first 5 days of the month, and will itemize all of the charges and payments in your account since the previous e-bill's issuance. The e-bill is displayed in an easy to print PDF format.
  2. Account Summary by term. The Account Summary by Term - available under the Student Accounts menu in Minerva, and lists items and transactions up to midnight of the previous day.

Estimate of Fees

Information regarding the tuition and fees for future terms is available on our Student Accounts website. Note that the amount of tuition and fees charged vary according to several different factors (e.g. academic program, number of credits, tuition residency status, etc.) and hence we do not provide fee estimate letters.

If you have been formally asked by a funding agency or by the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship  (CIC) for a fee estimate letter:

  1. Click here to submit a request (note: Submitting multiple requests will further delay processing)
  2. You will be asked to provide proof that the letter is indeed required by CIC or by an external funding agency.

Forms for Reimbursement of Tuition

For limited scenarios, certain forms are required by students whose parent(s) work for an International non-governmental organization, such as the United Nations, World Bank or International Monetary Fund. The completion of these forms attest to proof of school registration and confirmation of tuition and fees paid. 

To request this form:

  1. Click here for a list of organizations for which we provide this service (Note: this is a comprehensive list)
  2. Submit your request (note: Submitting multiple requests will further delay processing)

  3. Requests will be completed only after the end of the semester (eg. in January for the Fall term, or in May for the Winter term).

Something Else?

Should you require a fee letter that is not offered above you will need to make an appointment with a Service Point representative.