Artwork & Art Initiatives

The Brown Building is more than a collection of offices and rooms. Its spaces and walls present various opportunities for the making and display of art.


La danse de paix

Montreal-born, France-based sculptor Robert Roussil was commissioned to sculpt La danse de paix in 1953 by architect Fred Lebensold for the exterior of a Westmount home he had designed. The stainless steel, copper and tin creation—one of the first large-scale outdoor murals in Canada—eventually made its way to McGill, donated in 1992 by Richard M. Wise (B.Com. '62) on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his graduation from McGill University and in honour of his parents. It is now on display inside the Brown Student Services Building in the lobby of the McTavish entrance. See a photo on the Visual Arts Collection website.



Mandala Project

In the Fall 2015 term, PopArt McGill teamed up with Student Services to install mandala colouring stations across campus. The stations allowed students and staff to come, colour, unwind, and add to a growing collection of coloured mandalas. In 2016, all the coloured mandalas will be collected and arranged into a collage to be displayed prominently in the Brown Building.

Watch a feature from TVM (Student Television at McGill) about the project and process.