Getting Around

The Brown Building has 6 levels and 2 wings and can admittedly be a bit tricky to navigate if it's your first visit to the building or a particular office.


Building Entrances

  1. McTavish Entrance (3600 McTavish)
  2. Dr. Penfield Entrance (a bit east of Peel Street)
  3. SSMU/University Centre Entrance (near the SSMU head office)

The West Wing is closest to Peel; the East Wing is closest to McTavish. Travelling from one wing to the other is only possible via the third floor connecting corridor.


West Wing Services

  • SSMU Daycare (Second Floor, Suite 2300)
  • Student Health Service/Clinic (Third Floor, Suite 3300)
  • Psychiatric Services (Fifth Floor, Suite 5500) - accessible via elevator using floor 5A

The West Wing is serviced by one elevator.

East Wing Services

  • AskMcGill Information Desk (Floor H)
  • Office of the Dean of Students (Second Floor, Suite 2100)
  • Career Planning Service (Second Floor, Suite 2200)
  • Scholarships and Student Aid (Third Floor, Suite 3200)
  • Meeting Room 3001 (Third Floor, Suite 3001)
  • Office of Student Services (Fourth Floor, Suite 4100)
  • Counselling Service (Fourth Floor, Suite 4200)
  • International Student Services (Fifth Floor, Suite 5100)
  • Meeting Room 5001 (Fifth Floor, Suite 5001)

The East Wing is serviced by two elevators.


Floor Colour Coding System



H (East Wing Only)












Washrooms are located:

  • Second Floor, East Wing (next to the Office of the Dean of Students)
  • Third Floor, East Wing (next to Campus Life and Engagement) - also wheelchair-accessible!
  • Fifth Floor, East Wing (corner)

Washrooms in the West Wing are located within clinics and are only available to staff and clinic visitors.

All washrooms in the Brown Building are single-use and all-gender. Look for these signs (proudly provided by our friends at SmartSign!) throughout the building.


Water Filling Station

The Brown Building will soon be home to a high-volume water filling station. More info to come!