Study & Work Spaces

The Brown Building is mainly home to McGill's many Student Services... but there are also a number of multi-purpose public spaces that may be used by students.

Remember that the Building is occupied by offices, clinics, and other private and personal spaces, so we ask that all visitors respect their surroundings and noise levels.

McTavish Lobby

The lobby area at the McTavish entrance (H floor) is home to a number of chairs, ottomans, and tables that may be used by students. The publicness of the area makes it best suited for short-term use, such as waiting, short conversation, or quick activities.

First Floor East Wing Nook

The Brown Building's first floor on the East wing is adjacent to the entrance to SSMU's University Centre Building. In addition to a wall commemorating past SSMU presidents, this area also houses a number of large reading chairs. This area is not particularly well-lighted and does not have writing surfaces, so it's best used for light reading or (quiet) group conversations.

Second Floor East Wing Nook

To the right of the second-floor staircase is a multi-purpose area for student use. The area contains a number of large reading chairs as well as a long workstation that can seat four students and has outlet access across the tabletop.

There are no designated spaces for studying/lounging in the West Wing, nor on the Fourth or Fifth Floors of the East Wing. Please do not loiter in these areas.