What is the Student Wellness Hub?

The “bricks-and-mortar” parts of the Rossy Hub will consist of three main components physically located on the third floor of the Brown Student Services Building:

  1. The Hub Clinic will be the point of service for same-day care and triage by Access Clinicians in the Brown Building, as well as check-ins for existing medical appointments.
  2. The Hub Commons will be an inviting open space where students can relax while waiting for their appointments.
  3. The Hub Healthy Living Annex, the space attached to the Commons dedicated to outreach, promotion and peer-support activities. This is also the future home of the Shag Shop.   

While the Hub’s operations will be centralized in a single physical space, our model will also creates two-way links between outlying locations around the university and the central Hub. Local Wellness Advisors working in strategic locations around the university will connect students to Hub services and offer programming adapted to the local reality. This will be the basis for a hub-and-spoke model of care that reaches out to students where they live, learn and study.

Complementing all of this will be the virtual Hub, a single portal for all online health and wellness information. It will also serve as the virtual Access Point for hub services, allowing students to book appointments online. Other Access Points will be identified around campus with an Access Point visual, indicating that it is one of the multiple points of entry for Hub services.

Implementation Timeline for the Hub

  1. Summer 2018
    • Begin recruiting new staff for the Hub
  2. Fall 2018
    • Construction begins
    • Health and Wellness Promotion unit (located in the Hub Healthy Living Annex) opens for business 
  3. Winter 2019
    • Internal staff training for the Hub begins
  4. Spring/Summer 2019
    • Unofficial opening of the Hub
  5. Fall 2019
    • Official opening of the Hub
    • Delivery of new health and wellness promotion programs

A special thank you to The Rossy Foundation/La fondation Rossy for their support in the development of the Rossy Student Wellness Hub.