Parents and Guardians of Students

As the parent or guardian of a new McGill student, you might have questions and concerns. Learn more about how you can support your student on their journey through university!

Before Your Student Arrives

  1. Save the Dates
    - Maybe the most fundamental thing to know is... When do classes start? Whether you need to know when to drop your student off or when to expect them home from the holidays, you can view all key academic dates in the Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 semesters online.

  2. Home Away from Home
    - Is your student going to live in residence? Read more about fees and payment, as well as the many opportunities to socialize or become student leaders are available at the Student Housing website.

  3. Medical Documentation
    - If your student has a diagnosed illness and needs to be followed by a health professional while at McGill, you can obtain and submit referral(s) from your student’s current physician and make an appointment at the Student Wellness Hub before arrival.

  4. Get Insured
    - It's important that your student be covered by some kind of insurance when they come to study at McGill. Whether your student is a Canadian student from outside Quebec, an international student, or a Canadian citizen who has been living abroad, you can check the Student Accounts website for more information.
    - You can also look through a quick infographic for more information on the different supplemental insurance plans and what they cover.

Once Your Student Is Here

  1. Get Well(ness) Soon
    - The Student Wellness Hub is a single space where your student can come in to be connected with a doctor, nurse, dietitian or mental health professional. If they need a peer tutor or peer health educator, they can drop by the Healthy Living Annex, which will be located right near the Hub. Local Wellness Advisors are available directly in your student’s faculty.
    - And finally, your student can get information on services and or receive self-help resources from the comfort of their own home through the new website: the Virtual Student Wellness Hub.

  2. Involvement Opportunities
    - There'll be plenty of opportunities for your student to get involved and make friends throughout the year, and they can get started even before classes. Campus Life & Engagement is here to support your student at Orientation and beyond.
    Indigenous students can find support, events and more through First Peoples' House. Students of all faiths and spiritual affiliations can get involved in events held by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life throughout the year.

  3. Putting the Degree to Work
    - Curious about the resources available for your student to be employed during or after their degree? Career Advancement and Planning offers workshops, career fairs, individual appointments and more. They can also connect your student with a peer mentor or meet with them to work through a mock interview.

  4. Money Matters
    - McGill University offers generous scholarships to incoming students. The Scholarships and Student Aid Office can help your student and you navigate financing their degree, provide guidance on awards and bursaries, and more. It's also where your student can obtain a Work Study job if they'd like to work during the academic year.

  5. Peer Tutoring (Alternate title: Too Fast Tu-toring)
    - If your student finds they'd like academic support from a peer tutor — or if they'd like to make some money by working as one — Tutorial Service is the place to go. Tutoring costs $18/hour for undergraduate tutors and $22/hour for graduate tutors, but some students can have their tutoring subsidized.

  6. Campus Security
    - There are many organizations available to help keep the campus safe. Security Services helps to create and maintain a self and welcoming environment for everyone who steps foot on either of McGill campuses.
    - There are also several volunteer and peer-led organizations that are here to support all students. WalkSafe and DriveSafe are two volunteer services to accompany students on the downtown campus home at night. In case of an emergency, the McGill Student Emergency and Response Team is on-hand in residences and elsewhere to provide first aid.

Have Questions?

If possible, it's best to get in touch with the office or organization handling the concern you have.

If you're unsure of whom to contact, you can call Student Services at 514-398-8238 for any questions about the 9 units under the Student Services umbrella.