Master of Laws (LL.M.); Law (Thesis) - European Studies (46 credits)

The 46-credit LL.M. program, thesis option, in European Studies is a research-intensive graduate program focused on developing research interests into a thesis project under the supervision of a faculty member. Graduate level courses on theoretical and methodological approaches to legal writing complement the research work and thesis completion process, and courses in specific areas of knowledge related to the candidate's research interests complete the program's credit requirements.

This option is a cross-disciplinary program open to students whose work is focused on Europe, in particular on issues relating to European integration, broadly understood. Students will take an interdisciplinary seminar and three courses on European themes and issues as part of their LL.M. thesis program. The thesis must be on a topic relating to European Studies, approved by the European Studies Option coordinating committee. Knowledge of French, while not a strict pre-requisite, is an important asset for admission and will be encouraged as part of the program, as well as knowledge of a third European language.

Candidates must remain in residence for three terms. The third term, usually devoted to thesis research, may be taken the summer of the first year. If the thesis is not completed in this time, students must register for additional sessions as needed. All degree requirements must be completed within a maximum of three years of the date of first registration.

Thesis - Required

The Master's Thesis programs consist of a course work component and a thesis of approximately 100 pages.

As part of the course Master's Thesis 1, a thesis candidate must provide a protocol to his or her supervisor setting out details as to the thesis topic, the deadlines for the completion of the various thesis courses and the schedule of meetings with the thesis supervisor. Modifications to the protocol must be made in writing and submitted to the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies).

CMPL 612 (3) Master's Thesis 1
CMPL 613 (3) Master's Thesis 2
CMPL 614 (3) Master's Thesis 3
CMPL 615 (6) Master's Thesis 4
CMPL 616 (12) Master's Thesis 5
CMPL 617 (3) Master's Thesis 6

Required Courses

CMPL 610 (4) Legal Research Methodology
LAWG 659 (3) Interdisciplinary Seminar in European Studies

Complementary Courses

CMPL 536 (3) European Community Law 1
CMPL 537 (2) European Community Law 2

One or both of these courses may be replaced with another course at the 500 level or above on European Studies offered by the Faculty of Law or the Faculty of Arts with the approval of the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies).

One of:

CMPL 600 (4) Legal Traditions
CMPL 641 (4) Theoretical Approaches to Law
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