Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement: McGill Students

The Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) agreement permits concurrent registration at McGill and another Quebec institution.

Regular undergraduate and graduate degree, diploma or certificate students registered at McGill may register, with their faculty's permission, at any university in the province of Quebec for three, or in some cases six, credits per term in addition to their registration at McGill. These courses, subject to faculty regulations, will be recognized by McGill for the degree that you are registered for, up to the limit imposed by the residency requirements of the program. Normally, you must complete a minimum residency requirement of 60 credits at McGill in order to qualify for a McGill degree (you should check with your faculty). This privilege will be granted if there are valid academic reasons.

If you want to take advantage of this agreement, consult your student affairs office for details. Note that this agreement is subject to the following conditions:

  • The other universities concerned may, at their discretion, refuse the registration of a student for any of their courses.
  • You must complete your faculty and program requirements.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the McGill Class Schedule permits you to take these courses without conflict.
  • The universities concerned are not responsible for special arrangements in cases of examination or class schedule conflicts.
  • Marks earned at the host university will not appear on McGill transcripts or be included in McGill grade point averages.
  • If you are attending McGill as an exchange student from outside Quebec, you are not eligible to take courses at another Quebec institution through the IUT agreement.
  • You should be aware that late results received from host universities may delay your graduation.

If you are a scholarship holder, you should consult with your student affairs office and the scholarships coordinator concerning eligibility for continuation or renewal of your award(s).

You must initiate an online Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) application to request the required authorizations at You may find additional information posted at your faculty website.

Note: Once the Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) application is approved by both the home and host universities, you must register in the same course for which you obtained electronic approval. The method of registration of the host university will vary (e.g., web, in-person, phone, etc.). You must allow sufficient time to complete and submit your electronic application, because you are responsible for adhering to all the host university's registration deadlines. If you decide later to drop or withdraw from the course(s) for which approval was granted, you will need to drop or withdraw from the course using the host university's registration method AND submit this change on the online Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT) application.

The host institution automatically submits grades for completed courses to McGill.

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