CEAP 661 Literature Review 1: Summary and Critique (1 credit)

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Offered by: McGill Writing Centre (School of Continuing Studies)


CEAP : Responsible and effective engagement with other scholars’ work in order to summarize and critique research literature. Focus on economic use of language and techniques for mobilizing existing scholarship in service of an original research project.

Terms: Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Summer 2017

Instructors: Abram, Zachary; Hung, Yvonne (Fall) Abram, Zachary; Hung, Yvonne (Winter) Abram, Zachary; Hung, Yvonne (Summer)

  • Grading in this course is pass/fail.

  • **Due to the condensed nature of this course, the standard add/drop and withdrawal deadlines do not apply. Add/drop is before 11:59pm of the 2nd class meeting, withdraw with financial penalty is before 11:59pm of the 4th class meeting.

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