CEGL 420 Intercultural Communication & Globalization (10 CE units)

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Offered by: Language & Intercultural Comm. (School of Continuing Studies)


English (CCE) : Intended for non-native speakers of English who want to develop intercultural communication competency for travel, work, or living in a different culture. Explores intercultural communication and its importance for successful cross-cultural experiences. Identifies frameworks for analyzing different dimensions of cultural values, creating an awareness of the aspects of intercultural communication competency and its necessity for successful intercultural communication in the context of our rapidly changing, increasingly globalized world.

Terms: Winter 2017, Summer 2017

Instructors: Ahmed Al-Rawi (Winter) Ahmed Al-Rawi (Summer)

  • Prerequisite(s): Entrance Placement Test or permission of the Director

  • This course is open to undergraduate/graduate students from accredited universities who are non-native speakers of English. A minimum high-intermediate/low-advanced level of English (TOEFL equivalent of 550) is required.