CHEM 223 Introductory Physical Chemistry 1 (2 credits)

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Offered by: Chemistry (Faculty of Science)


Chemistry : Kinetics 1: Gas laws, kinetic theory of collisions. Thermodynamics: Zeroth law of thermodynamics. First law of thermodynamics, heat capacity, enthalpy, thermochemistry, bond energies. Second law of thermodynamics; the entropy and free energy functions. Third law of thermodynamics, absolute entropies, free energies, Maxwell relations and chemical and thermodynamic equilibrium states.

Terms: Fall 2016

Instructors: Blum, Amy (Fall)

  • Fall

  • Prerequisites: CHEM 110, CHEM 120 or equivalent, PHYS 142, or permission of instructor.

  • Corequisite: MATH 222 or equivalent.

  • Restrictions: Not open to students who have taken or are taking CHEM 204.

  • Note: Chemistry Honours and Majors must take CHEM 283 either simultaneously or the semester following CHEM 223.

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