FMT4 037 Independent Study in Crop Production (152-VTP-MC) (2.67 credits)

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Offered by: Farm Mgmt & Technology Program (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


FMT4 : 1 hour meetings & 7 hours independent work per week. Pre-requisites: FMT4-005 and FMT4-009 as well as at least one crop production course (FMT4-033, FMT4-034, FMT4-035 or FMT4-036); students must also have a minimum cumulative weighted average of 80%. This course covers crops or groups of crops not covered in other crop production courses and requires independent study; the actual study plan will be determined case-by-case. Topics include planning, production methods, planting, growth, harvest and storage of crops, control of pests and diseases. May also include site selection, cultivar selection, crop rotation, physiology, etc. Registration in the course is subject to approval by the Academic Advisor.

Terms: Winter 2017

Instructors: David Wees (Winter)