INTD 499 Internship: International Development Studies (3 credits)

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Offered by: Inst for the St of Development (Faculty of Arts)


International Development : Internship with an approved host institution or organization.

Terms: Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Summer 2017

Instructors: Kazue Takamura, Jon Unruh, Sarah Moser, Raja Sengupta, Jon Soske, Matthieu Chemin, Fernando Nunez, Claudia A Mitchell, Jaye Dana Ellis, Rex J Brynen, Leonardo Baccini, Sandra Hyde, Khalid Medani, John Galaty, Francesco Amodio, Mehri Ghazanjani, Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert, Oliver T Coomes, Sarah Brauner-Otto, Matthew Lange, Catherine C LeGrand (Fall) Diana Allan, Rex J Brynen (Winter) Samuel Harper (Summer)

  • Restriction: Open to U2 and U3 students with a minimum CGPA of 2.7, and permission of the departmental Internship Adviser. This course will not normally fulfill program requirements for seminar or 400-level courses. A letter from a supervisor at the institution must attest to successful completion of the student's tenure.