OCC1 600J2 Clinical Practicum Seminars

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Offered by: Phys and Occ Therapy (Faculty of Medicine)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Occupational Therapy : This compulsory course will comprise 9 pre-clinical seminars to be offered in the M1 and M2 years prior to Clinical Practicum 3 and 4. The seminars will be implemented during the M1 Summer term (1 seminar; total of 2 hrs), M1 Fall term (2 seminars; total of 4 hrs), M1 Winter term (5 seminars; total of 11.5 hrs) and the M2 Fall term (1 seminars; total of 1 hr). This course is a prerequisite for Clinical Practicum 3 and 4 (OCC1 503 and OCC1 602).

Terms: Fall 2016

Instructors: Storr, Caroline; Mak, Susanne; Grenier, Marie-Lyne (Fall)