Mission of the School

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Mission of the McGill School of Environment

The mission of the McGill School of Environment is:

  • to provide a program that will develop a broad-based environmental literacy in the undergraduate population;
  • to develop opportunities for graduate students to pursue studies of the environment at an advanced level to create future leaders and researchers; and
  • to generate new ideas, new insights, new technologies, and new approaches to understanding and redressing environmental problems through academic research and outreach that draws on the University's existing strength in research and spans disciplinary boundaries.

Through a range of research and educational initiatives, the MSE aims to aid society in making environmental choices, in the context of diverse environmental world views that will sustain healthy societies within a flourishing biosphere.

The MSE focuses on four themes:

  • Health in a Changing Environment
  • Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and Conservation
  • Citizens, Communities, Institutions, and the Environment
  • Rethinking Social-Ecological Relationships
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