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Application for Examination for Music Students

Examinations and recitals must be presented in one of the examination periods. When a student and his/her teacher agree to present a required practical examination, the student must make an application by the deadline specified below. Registration for practical examinations is not available on Minerva. Permission to withdraw from a practical examination will normally be granted only in the case of illness. A medical certificate must be submitted to the Department of Performance Office within seven days after the withdrawal request has been received. Withdrawal from a practical examination on other than medical grounds must be authorized by the Chair of the Department of Performance.

Application for the above examinations must be made on the appropriate form available at the Performance Office. Applicants must obtain their teacher's approval on this form and submit it according to the following schedule:

Examination Period Application Deadline* Withdrawal Deadlines
September 7–10, 2016** June 1*** August 1
Specific dates for the Fall Examination Period are available at October 15 November 15
Specific dates for the Winter Examination Period are available at February 1 March 1

* All students must apply by this deadline. Applications may be withdrawn without penalty any time up to the withdrawal deadline given above.

** The September examination period is available only for Summer graduands. No supplemental examinations will be given at this time.

*** It is recommended that students planning to take an examination in September submit the program for approval before the end of May; otherwise, the program may not be seen by the Area Committee until September.

Applications received after these deadlines will only be accepted with special permission from the Chair of the Department of Performance, and on payment of a $50 late application fee. For more information, please refer to the appropriate area's program webpage at and to

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