Clinical Placements and CPR Requirements

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Clinical Placements and CPR Requirements for Physical & Occupational Therapy

Clinical hours necessary to obtain membership in both the national associations and provincial licensing bodies for each profession are included within the professional Master's programs (M.Sc.A.(Occupational Therapy) and M.Sc.A.(Physical Therapy)). This standard is compatible with the licensing requirements in other provinces where legislation is in force.

During the course of study, students may be assigned to clinical placements outside of Montreal and/or in rural areas within the province of Quebec. Students are expected to budget for this in planning for their funding for degree completion.

Valid CPR/AED Level (Health Care Provider) certification or equivalent is required prior to going into any of the clinical affiliation placements and must be maintained throughout the professional Master’s program.

Please also refer to Vaccination/Immunization Requirements for Health Sciences Programs.

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