NUTR 613D2 Graduate Professional Practice 3 Clinical Nutrition (7 credits)

Offered by: Human Nutrition (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Nutrition and Dietetics : See NUTR 613D1 for course description.

Terms: Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Summer 2018

Instructors: Maureen Rose (Fall) Maureen Rose (Winter) Maureen Rose, Hugues Plourde, Joane Routhier, Sandy Phillips, Mary Hendrickson-Nelson (Summer)

  • Prerequisite: NUTR 613D1

  • Restriction: Limited to students registered in Graduate Diploma in R.D.Credentialing.

  • No credit will be given for this course unless both NUTR 613D1 and NUTR 613D2 are successfully completed in consecutive terms

  • NUTR 613D1 and NUTR 613D2 together are equivalent to NUTR 613