ANAT 323 Clinical Neuroanatomy (3 unités)

Offered by: Anatomie et biologie cell. (Sciences)

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Anatomie et biologie cellulaire : This course will focus on the structural and functional relationships of the central nervous system. The human neuroanatomy will be introduced via pathological cases and will be illustrated by use of new medical imaging techniques.

Terms: Automne 2017

Instructors: Geoffroy Noel (Fall)

  • Prerequisites for Physical & Occupational Therapy students: ANAT 315 and ANAT 316.

  • Prerequisite for Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology students: ANAT 214.

  • Restrictions: Restricted to Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology students and Physical & Occupational Therapy students. Not open to students taking or having taken ANAT 321.

  • Corequisite for Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology students: ANAT 315