CBUS 110 Current Trends in Digital Communication (4.5 unités d'EP)

Offered by: Développement de carrière et perfectionnement professionnel (École d'éducation permanente)

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Affaires : Principles of digital communication. Overview of current uses of Internet-based media (websites, blogs, databases, social media) in public relations, direct marketing, internal communications, fund-raising, community projects, consumer relations and reputation management. Trends and best practices in digital and social technologies, as well as their appropriate use for different organizations and objectives. Tried-and-true as well as trending uses of widely used platforms, and the shift to mobile applications. Measurement and evaluation strategies, methods and resources. The mutual influence of traditional and digital media.

Terms: Automne 2017

Instructors: Michelle Sullivan (Fall)

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction plus approx.15 hours of course readings and assignments