MGCR 652 Value Creation (4 unités)

Offered by: Gestion (Gestion)

Administered by: Études supérieures et recherch

Vue d'ensemble

Tronc commun de gestion : Offers a comprehensive overview of the value creation process in business sectors by exploring the inter-relationships among the partners in the value chain.

Terms: Automne 2017, Été 2018, Hiver 2018

Instructors: Saibal Ray, Sujata Madan, Genevieve Bassellier, Louis Gialloreto, Mehmet Gumus, Thomas Dotzel (Fall) Matthieu Bouvard, Ashesh Mukherjee, Saibal Ray, Animesh Animesh (Summer) Genevieve Bassellier, Sujata Madan, Mehmet Gumus, Thomas Dotzel (Winter)

  • Prerequisite: MGCR 650.

  • Intensive course: 7.5 hours per week, over 7 weeks for a total of 52 contact hours.