MUEN 560 Chamber Music Ensemble (1 unité)

Offered by: Performance (Musique)

Vue d'ensemble

Ensemble : Ensemble for chamber music - various instruments.

Terms: Automne 2017, Hiver 2018

Instructors: Brian Robinson, Ali Yazdanfar, Jean Gaudreault, Mark Fewer, Jacqueline Leclair, Stephane Levesque, Simon Aldrich, Axel Strauss, Guillaume Bourgogne, Theodore Baskin, Marie- Leclair, Jocelyne Roy, Martin D Mangrum, Stéphane Lemelin, Kyoko Hashimoto, Jean Marchand, Denise Lupien, Elizabeth Dolin, Jennifer Swartz, Cindy Shuter, Russell Devuyst, Richard Stoelzel, James Box, Chloe Dominguez, Marina Thibeault, Alicia Choi (Fall) Douglas McNabney, Brian Robinson, Ali Yazdanfar, Elizabeth Dolin, Kyoko Hashimoto, Mark Fewer, Alicia Choi, Brian Manker, Violaine Melancon, Jean Gaudreault, Jennifer Swartz, Marie- Leclair, Theodore Baskin, Jacqueline Leclair, Stephane Levesque, Jocelyne Roy, Chloe Dominguez, Elizabeth Skinner, Richard Stoelzel, James Box, Russell Devuyst (Winter)

  • Prerequisite(s): Audition.

  • Restriction(s): For Music students; open to others by permission of the Department.