POLI 599 Internship: Political Science (3 unités)

Offered by: Sciences politiques (Arts et service social)

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Sciences politiques : The internship shall consist of a minimum of 150 hours of work over a period of 12 weeks, plus a major research project based on the internship. The major project will ordinarily consist of a major research paper, plus a substantial written record of the work conducted during the internship.

Terms: Automne 2017, Hiver 2018, Été 2018

Instructors: Eric Belanger, Filippo Sabetti, Daniel Weinstock, Khalid Medani, Maria Popova (Winter) Rex J Brynen, Filippo Sabetti, Mark R Brawley, Christa Scholtz (Summer)

  • Restriction: Open, with permission, to Honours, Joint Honours and Majors students in years U2 and U3, and graduate students. This course does not count as a 500-level seminar under the Honours requirements.