BIOL 395 Quantitative Biology Seminar 1 (1 credit)

Offered by: Biology (Faculty of Science)


Biology (Sci) : Overview of concepts and current research in quantitative biology; theoretical ecology and evolution, computational biology, and physical biology.

Terms: Fall 2018

Instructors: Arnold Hayer, Kalle Burgess Gehring, Frederic Guichard, Tamara Western, Gary Brouhard, Claudia Kleinman, Marlene Oeffinger, Rodrigo Reyes Lamothe, Stephanie Weber (Fall)

  • Fall

  • Prerequisites: BIOL 200, CHEM 212, COMP 250, MATH 222, PHYS 230

  • Restriction: Registration restricted to U2 students in the Quantitative Biology program, joint Computer Science and Biology and joint Math and Biology programs.