Professional Development and Non-Credit Offerings (CE Units and Other)

Professional Development and Non-Credit Offerings (CE Units and Other)

The Career and Professional Development unit offers a wide variety of shorter-term courses and programs to meet the needs of working professionals, as well as the general public. If you are interested in acquiring new job-related skills or enhancing your existing credentials, the Career and Professional Development unit delivers engaging market-driven programs, courses, seminars, lectures, and workshops taught by industry experts in the areas of:

  • Aerospace
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • CFA Exam Preparation
  • Data Analytics for Business
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Digital Content and Community Management
  • Engineering
  • Intellectual Property
  • Parliamentary Management
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking

Offerings are of particular interest to:

  • Accounting and taxation professionals
  • Aerospace industry professionals
  • Business analysts and professionals
  • Contract and project managers
  • Distribution, construction, and manufacturing professionals
  • Engineers
  • Entertainment, internet/software, and publishing professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Lawyers and legal and public-sector professionals
  • Managers and supervisors in all industries
  • Marketing and brand practitioners
  • Patent and trademark agents
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech professionals
  • Project managers
  • Property management professionals
  • Service industry professionals

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