Career Development Office

Faculty of Law Career Development Office

The programs offered by the Faculty of Law prepare students for a wide array of careers in the practice of law and related fields. To enable its graduates to take full advantage of opportunities available to them, the Faculty provides career counselling through its Career Development Office (CDO). With the assistance of the Career Development Officer, the Director of the Office, a faculty graduate and lawyer with experience in private practice, journalism, and non-profit organizations, oversees all career development activities, which include assisting students with their search for summer employment and articling positions. Career development communications, activities, and programs also provide students with information about the various types of career opportunities open to them after graduation.

The CDO also assists employers with their search for candidates by giving them access to myFuture, where they can post positions for free, by organizing on-campus interviews, and certainly by inviting employers to various events.

The CDO Advisory Committee, made up of:

  • three student representatives, including the Vice-President (Public Relations) of the Law Students Association (LSA);
  • the CDO Director;
  • the CDO Officer; and
  • the Assistant Dean (Admissions and Recruitment)

meets twice every semester to discuss issues related to career development.

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