Legal Education at McGill

Legal Education at McGill

We do legal education like nobody else

Proudly bilingual; rigorously bijural: McGill Law sits at the epicentre of two major legal traditions of the western world—the civil law and the common law.

From its earliest days, McGill has been a bridge between these two traditions. The McGill program is a global model for legal education that adapts to the changing shape of our world without borders.

And now, we are pushing things even further.

Legal education at McGill explores legal traditions through a comparative, integrated lens that is unique around the world.

The McGill curriculum features multiple opportunities for problem-based learning, translation of knowledge into action, and the development of skills that are critical to engaged, effective, and enlightened jurists.

An integrated education

  1. designed to work across the traditional boundaries of first-year coursework
  2. in French and English
  3. that builds on an expertise in the civil law and common law, broadened to include other legal traditions, including better understandings of Indigenous law, as well as cutting-edge scholarship in alternate dispute resolution

A focus on problem-solving

  1. Students work in groups to tackle issues in legal methodology and ethics, empirical research, and policy analysis
  2. A revised semester timetable makes space for one-week intensive teaching periods during the fall and winter terms

Innovative pedagogy that flips the script and

  1. allows you to take the lead in your own education
  2. uses technology in modernized classrooms to enhance participation and critical reflection

The original and critical vision that characterizes legal education at McGill is a springboard for those whose ideas will change the world of business or civic society.

Above all, the Faculty prides itself on developing agile thinkers, conscientious citizens, and global-leaning, forward-looking jurists for the 21st century.

McGill Law. It's a world class move.



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