MGCR 423 Strategic Management (3 unités)

Offered by: Gestion (Gestion)

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Tronc commun de gestion : An integrative and interdisciplinary introduction to strategy formation and execution. Concepts, tools, and practical application to understand how firms leverage resources and capabilities to gain competitive advantage in dynamic, contemporary industries. Strategic positioning, organizational design, and managerial action for the long-term success of businesses and positive social and ecological outcomes.

Terms: Automne 2018, Hiver 2019, Été 2019

Instructors: Gregory Bryan Vit, Donald Melville, Karl James Moore, John Gradek, Matthew Corritore, Billy Mandelos (Fall) Kwangjun An, Gregory Bryan Vit, John Gradek, Miron Avidan (Winter) Christian Keen Henon, Yonghwan Lee (Summer)

  • Restriction: Open to U2, U3 students only

  • Continuing Studies: requirement for CMA, CGA, the Institute of Internal Auditors, and the Canadian Institute of Management - in addition to these, the course "Introduction to Business," CGMG 282 is also required for C.I.M.