MUPG 300 Music Performance Strategies (2 credits)

Offered by: Performance (Schulich School of Music)


Performance : Based on the theoretical framework of sports psychology. Students explore the existing practicing and coping strategies for music performance: i.e. stress models and theories, stress physiological response, stress management, cognitive and physiological techniques (e.g. mental imagery, time management, attention/concentration, memory, relaxation and meditation, etc.). Assignments include practical exercises and written reflection on personal practice.

Terms: Fall 2019

Instructors: Isabelle Cossette (Fall)

  • Restriction(s): Only open to B.Mus. students in U2 and U3, A.Dip. students, or with permission from the instructor. Not open to students who have taken MUPG 474 when topic/content was "Music Performance Strategies".