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Vision 2020 is much more than a document. The Sustainability Strategy is the outcome of a process to grow and connect the sustainability movement at McGill.

The Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy lays out a framework for achieving the highest possible standards of sustainability on our campuses. The Strategy was launched in 2014 following a two-year community engagement process and consists of two plans: the 2014-2016 Sustainability Action Plan and the 2017-2020 Climate Action & Sustainability Plan.

Sustainability Action Plan (2014-2016)

This first Action Plan was able to bring a wide variety of campus players together to tackle our sustainability challenges. It succeeded in scaling sustainability initiatives upwards and outwards, providing a strong framework for future projects. 


Vision 2020: A Sustainability Strategy for McGill University

This is the document that guides the University's actions related to sustainability. It was approved by McGill's senior administration in March 2014.

Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy.pdf

  English Version


Vision 2020 Strategie du Développment Durable.pdf

  Version française


Vision 2020: Progress Reports

These documents, prepared at the midpoint and end of the 2014-2016 period, provide an outline on the progress of the 2014-2016 Priority Actions.

Vision 2020 Final Report (2017).pdf

  May 2017


Vision 2020 Progress Report (2015).pdf

  October 2015


Past Impact and Failure Reports

We documented some of the positive outcomes of the Vision 2020 engagement process in our 2013 Vision 2020 Impact Report. We also feel part of the process to achieving excellence is leaving room for failure, and learning from it. Our 2013 Failure Report shows some missteps, oversights and dropped balls of V2020, and things we learned from along the way.

Impact Report.pdf

     August 2013


Failure Report.pdf

     August 2013